Project-land transportation is the transportation of non-standard size heavy machinery and equipment for construction projects, industrial facilities or similar large-scale projects.

Because such loads are too large and heavy to be transported with standard transport vehicles and equipment, they require special equipment and technical knowledge. It is necessary to work with a professional company to carry your large and valuable projects so that you do not encounter any problems.

Tria Logistics Services for Project Transportation

Tria Logistics Services is a logistics company that specializes in project-land transportation and has been serving since 2007. We provide services by using specially produced transportation vehicles according to the nature of the cargo to be transported and by offering different solutions according to the needs of the customers.

How to do Project-Land Transportation?

The characteristics of the loads to be transported differ in terms of height, width, length and weight. Therefore, specific planning must be done for each project. Our expert teams meticulously manage all logistics processes by planning projects in order to develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers.

Safety is very important in project-land transportation. For this reason, we take all necessary precautions within the planning for the correct and safe transportation of the equipment. In addition to our high-tonnage lifting and transport equipment, we use special systems to protect your loads.

In addition, we follow all stages of the transportation process to ensure that our customers receive the most efficient service in terms of time and cost.

We work with expert teams, modern equipment and experienced drivers to provide the most suitable project-land transportation service for our customers’ needs. Our company has undertaken the transportation processes of important projects from the past to the present and has successfully achieved its goals.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Specialized Personnel: Our experienced and trained personnel in the field of project transportation manages to transport our customers’ high-size and heavy loads in the safest way. Our employees are people who have been specially trained and completed their training within Tria Logistics.

Special Equipment : We offer special solutions for the needs of our customers with our equipment specially designed for project-land transportation. We fulfill your requests in a way that does not cause an accident by making use of the latest technology devices during the lifting, carrying and unloading stages of the load.

Reliability : Our reliability and customer satisfaction-oriented work is one of the most important reasons for you to choose us. Tria Logistics Services has a quality customer portfolio in and out of Türkiye. We work with our customers within the framework of mutual trust and loyalty.

Flexibility : There is usually a race against time in project-land transportation operations. That’s why we respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ changing needs. We use all our power and means to deliver the projects to the targeted location in the safest way and within the specified time.

Reasonable Price : Project transportation is a service that requires serious equipment and mastery. We offer a quality project-land transportation service by making fair pricing for our services. Our price policy may vary according to many factors such as the type, weight, dimensions, transportation distance, transportation time of the cargo to be transported. However, we always pay attention to our customers’ needs, giving fair prices.