Livestock Transport

It is a transportation service that requires care, since it is the transportation of living things. This is necessary to avoid any injury or loss. As Tria Logistics Services, we perform this service based on the comfort of living things with our expert and experienced teams in livestock transportation.

Our company has a certificate of authority to transport live animals. For this reason, it adopts the highest standards for the safety and health of live animals and ensures the comfortable and safe transportation of animals. During transportation, we take all necessary precautions to prevent animals from being under stress, and we regularly control temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.

What is Livestock Transport?

Livestock transportation is the transportation of animals from one place to another by various methods and vehicles. As there are different types and sizes of animals, transport should be planned and implemented specifically for each animal. During the transport process, the safety, health and comfort of the animals are important and therefore the handling should be done with care. Transportation services are provided for many different animal species living on land or in the sea. Animals that are free to be transported can be transported as specified in the regulation.

Live animal transportation varies according to the animal’s type, size, health condition, distance to be transported and other factors. Before transport, the animal’s health status is checked and a suitable transport vehicle is selected. The transport vehicle is designed in accordance with the characteristics of the animals and is equipped with the safety and comfort of the animals in mind.

Comfortable Livestock Transportation with Tria Logistics

As part of our live animal transportation service, we safely transport all kinds of animals all over the world. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we carry out all documentation during the transport process. In addition, we work professionally in the planning of the route, the selection of the appropriate transport vehicle and the proper loading of the animals. The interior of the vehicles is divided into compartments in sizes for the comfort of the animals.

Tria Logistics livestock transportation service is a priority in protecting the satisfaction of our customers and the health of animals by providing the highest standards for the safe and comfortable transportation of animals. In addition to having vehicle systems to meet the food and water needs of living things, we provide the clean and healthy transportation conditions needed by animals with our ventilation systems.

Although we have the necessary equipment and technology, we serve our business partners with high quality standards with our experienced and trained personnel. We always prioritize customer satisfaction, and we take care of the safety and comfort of animals. We use technological systems in the stages of loading animals into vehicles, transporting them to the destination and unloading them from the vehicle, and we easily manage all processes through our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

In summary, our logistics company, which transports livestock, takes many precautions to ensure the safe and healthy transportation of animals. For this reason, we prioritize the needs of animals and ensure that animals have a stress-free and comfortable transportation process.